Solanum pulneyensis Soosairaj, sp. nov. (Solanaceae) from Palani Hills National Park of Tamil Nadu, India

Sebastian SOOSAIRAJ, Prakasam RAJA, Balakrishnan BALAGURU & Johny Kumar TAGORE

en Adansonia 43 (21) - Pages 235-240

Published on 15 November 2021

A new species, Solanum pulneyensis Soosairaj, sp. nov. (Solanaceae) is described from the woody savanna forest of Palani Hills National Park, Tamil Nadu, India. This species is unusual and special as it has subcapsular fruits unlike other Indian Solanum L. species that have berry fruits besides being entirely enclosed within persistent calyx as that of S. wightii Nees. A detailed morphological description with line drawings is provided here.


Solanaceae, Solanum, India, subcapsular fruit, new species

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