Typification of twelve names in the genus Anaphalis DC. (Asteraceae)

Perumal MURUGAN, Chidambaram MURUGAN & Kaliyamurthy KARTHIGEYAN

en Adansonia 43 (17) - Pages 197-204

Published on 20 September 2021

In the present study, lectotypes for 12 names viz. Anaphalis beddomei Hook.f., Anaphalis bournei Fyson, Anaphalis elliptica DC., Anaphalis oblonga DC., Anaphalis oblonga var. lawii Hook.f., Anaphalis meeboldii W.W.Sm., Anaphalis travancorica W.W.Sm., Gnaphalium marcescens Wight, Gnaphalium neelgherryanum DC., Gnaphalium subdecurrens DC., Gnaphalium wightianum DC. and Helichrysum leptophyllum DC. are designated. Detailed notes and images of type specimens are provided.


Gamopetalae, Gnaphalieae, Anaphalis, Western Ghats, endemic species, lectotypifications

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