A revision of New Caledonian Gossia N. Snow & Guymer (Myrtaceae)


en Adansonia 42 (7) - Pages 131-177

Published on 27 April 2020

Gossia N. Snow & Guymer from New Caledonia as revised here comprises 30 taxa. Nine new species are proposed, including: Gossia angustifolia sp. nov., G. bourailensis N. Snow, sp. nov., G. conduplicata sp. nov., G. kaalaensis sp. nov., G. katepahiensis sp. nov., G. mandjeliaensis sp. nov., G. ngaensis sp. nov., G. ouazangouensis, and G. ramiflora sp. nov. Ten new subspecies are proposed: two in Gossia aphthosa (Vieill. ex Brongn. & Gris) (G. a. subsp. longipedunculata N. Snow & Munzinger, subsp. nov. and subsp. austro-orientalis N. Snow & K. Gandhi, subsp. nov.), and eight in Gossia clusioides (Brongn. & Gris) N. Snow (G. c. subsp. avanguiensis subsp. nov., G. c. subsp. bleuensis subsp. nov., G. c. subsp. callmanderiana subsp. nov., G. c. subsp. maoyana subsp. nov., G. c. subsp. ploumensis N. Snow, comb. et stat. nov., G. c. subsp. rembaiensis subsp. nov., G. c. subsp. taomensis subsp. nov., and G. c. subsp. tiebaghiensis subsp. nov. The new combination Gossia conspicua (Vieill. ex Guillaumin) N. Snow, comb. nov. is made; a second-stage lectotype and epitype are selected for Gossia diversifolia (basionym Eugenia diversifolia Brongn. & Gris); a lectotype is selected for Eugenia heckelii Pancher & Sebert, which here is reduced to synonymy under G. vieillardii (Brongn. & Gris) N. Snow; and a lectotype is selected for Eugenia cataractarum Guillaumin, which here is reduced to synonymy under G. kuakuensis (Baker f.) N. Snow. Myrtus pulchrefolius Guillaumin is reduced to synonymy under Gossia alaternoides. The Australian species Gossia byrnesii N. Snow & Guymer is synonymized under Eugenia reinwardtiana DC. The treatment provides a key to and descriptions of all known New Caledonian taxa and includes comments on distributions, distribution maps, ecology and phenology. Illustrations are provided for nearly all taxa and digital images of living material are presented for several. With this revision, Gossia now comprises 45 species and ten subspecies.


New Caledonia, Myrtaceae, conservation, lectotypification, new combinations, new subspecies, new species

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