A revision of Cinnadenia Kosterm. (Lauraceae)

Rogier P. J. de KOK & Seda SENGUN

en Adansonia 42 (4) - Pages 105-112

Published on 09 March 2020

Cinnadenia Kosterm. (Lauraceae) consists of three species, namely, C. paniculata (Hook.f.) Kosterm. which occurs in India and Bhutan, C. liyuyingii (H.Liu) de Kok & Sengun, comb. nov. from Northern Vietnam and South China and C. malayana Kosterm. which is endemic to Peninsular Malaysia. All species are rarely collected and consequently Cinnadenia is a poorly known genus. The genus is revised here with a summary of its taxonomic history, key, full descriptions, distribution map, conservation assessments, ecological data, and a delineation of its key morphology. Cinnadenia liyuyingii, comb. nov. which was previously placed in Litsea or as a synonym of C. paniculata, is moved here to Cinnadenia for the first time.


Lauraceae, Cinnadenia, Asia, lectotypification, new combination

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