Notes on the genus Echinops L. (Asteraceae) in SE Europe

Fabio CONTI, Dieter REICH & Walter GUTERMANN

en Adansonia 42 (3) - Pages 95-104

Published on 02 March 2020

The occurrence of Echinops siculus Strobl, previously considered endemic to Italy, is for the first time reported from the Balkan Peninsula based on plants collected in Corfu (Greece). Morphological similarities with other taxa of Echinops L. recorded in Greece are briefly discussed. Presence of Echinops albidus Boiss. & Spruner is excluded from Italy, E. spinosissimus Turra subsp. neumayeri (Vis.) Kožuharov is confirmed for Albania. Further notes concerning the occurrence of these three species on the Ionian Islands are provided. The names of the three taxa are lectotypified.


Albania, Greece, Italy, Asteraceae, lectotypification

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