Typification of Primula L. taxa names (Primulaceae), described by A. Franchet in 1886 from China and Eastern Tibet


en Adansonia 41 (9) - Pages 75-89

Published on 01 July 2019

French botanist A.R. Franchet (1834-1900) has described near 60 taxa in the genus Primula L., 16 taxa from them were discussed in a first publication. Our current paper will continue the researches devoted to the typification of Primula names, on the base of expert studying the specimens in herbaria BM, E, G, K, LE, MHA, MW, NS, NSK, P, W, WU, Z and open databases. In 1886 Franchet published an article: “Observations sur deux Primula monocarpiques de la Chine et descriptions d’espèces nouvelles de la Chine et du Thibet oriental” and described 11 new species: Pdavidii Franch., P. forbesii Franch., P. heucherifolia Franch., Pincisa Franch., P. malacoides, Franch. Pmalvacea Franch., Pmembranifolia Franch., P. moupinensis Franch., Poreodoxa Franch., P. ovalifolia Franch. and P. poissonii Franch. For P. davidii and P. heucherifolia we found only one herbarium sheet for each and they will be holotypes. For eight species: P. forbesii, P. malacoides, P. malvacea, P. membranifolia, P. moupinensis, P. oreodoxa, P. ovalifolia and P. poissonii were selected lectotypes from several herbarium sheets. The name Primula incisa is later homonym and early was used by Lamarck (1779), so correct name for this taxon is P. blinii H. Lév.


E. Drake del Castillo, A. David, J.M. Delavay, type specimens, lectotypifications

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