Taxonomic reassessment and typification of species names in Arctotis L. (Asteraceae) proposed by Jean Louis Marie Poiret

Robert J. MCKENZIE & Chiara NEPI

en Adansonia 41 (14) - Pages 183-192

Published on 21 November 2019

The names Arctotis staticifolia Poir. and Arctotis tenuifolia Poir. were validly published by Jean Louis Marie Poiret based on material collected from “Cap de Bonne-Espérance” and stated to be lodged in the Herbier Desfontaines. No original material for Arctotis staticifolia has been traced. The protologue is inconsistent with any known Arctotis L. species and previous treatment of A. staticifolia as a synonym of Gazania linearis (Thunb.) Druce var. linearis is not supported. The protologue for Arctotis staticifolia is most consistent with a narrow-leaved taxon of Dimorphotheca Vaill. ex Moench and specifically D. nudicaulis (L.) DC. var. graminifolia (L.) Harv. A neotype for Arctotis staticifolia is designated consistent with our interpretation and the name is formally placed in the synonymy of Dimorphotheca nudicaulis var. graminifolia. Arctotis tenuifolia Poir. has previously been treated as a synonym of Dimorphotheca nudicaulis var. graminifolia. Original material was located and the name Arctotis tenuifolia Poir. is here lectotypified and is placed in the synonymy of Ursinia tenuifolia (L.) Poir. subsp. tenuifolia. Arctotis tenuifolia Poir. is a later heterotypic homonym of Arctotis tenuifolia L. and is therefore nomenclaturally illegitimate. A lectotype is designated for Sphenogyne tenuifolia (L.) DC. var. heterochroma Harv., a synonym of Ursinia tenuifolia subsp. tenuifolia.


South Africa, Anthemideae, Arctotis, Calenduleae, Poiret, new lectotypes, new neotype, new synonym

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