Discovery of the type collection of Arabis nuda Bél. (Brassicaceae)


en Adansonia 41 (11) - Pages 97-100

Published on 27 August 2019

Arabis nuda Bél., known for more than 160 years as Drabopsis verna K.Koch and more recently as Draba nuda (Bél.) Al-Shehbaz & M.Koch, was based on an illustration unaccompanied by a text and until now has been assumed to be the type, though the name has never been typified. The discovery of a specimen in the herbarium of Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (P05413412), on which that original illustration was based, led to designating that specimen herein as the lectotype.

Keywords :

Arabis, Brassicaceae Cruciferae, Draba, Drabopsis, lectotypification

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