The species of Scrophularia L. (Scrophulariaceae) with white margined leaves in Flora Iranica


en Adansonia 40 (6) - Pages 67-87

Published on 07 May 2018

The white-margined leaf is a recognizable character in some species of Scrophularia L. This character is observed in the specific group of Scrophularia deserti Delile and its synonyms. The taxonomic identity of these species in Flora Iranica is reviewed. Detailed studies on the type specimens, protologue information and herbarium material of the taxa clearly indicated that the taxonomic status of S. marginata Boiss. is not correct. Here, this species is resurrected as a distinct species rather a synonym for S. deserti. In addition, S. cabulica Benth. is an incorrect synonym for S. deserti. In fact, after careful investigation on S. deserti complexities, it is considered as a valid taxon. The status of S. moniliformis Pennell is accepted here as a correct synonym for S. deserti. Also, the situation of S. kotschyi Boiss. is clarified as a printed matter and considered as a new synonym for S. deserti. Finally, S. sinaica Benth. resynonymized for S. deserti. Additionally, S. deserti and S. marginata are assigned to Scrophularia sect. Albomarginatae, sect. nov., based on some special morphological characters. A key as well as detailed descriptions along with illustrations and a distribution map for the studied taxa are provided. Finally, three lectotypes are designated for the group.


Iran, conservation, Scrophularia, new section, new synonym, lectotypification

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