Validations of the Rubus taxa in Tournefort’s Institutiones and their Corollarium in later literature


en Adansonia 38 (1) - Pages 35-53

Published on 24 June 2016

Tournefort published several Rubus taxa in his Institutiones and its Corollarium. Most of these have been validated by authors in the second half of the eighteenth century. Tournefort’s species have been investigated, and most of them identified and typified here, and the later validations have been investigated as well. Some of the publications will have impact on present day nomenclature. The most significant are the identifications of R. aetnicus Cupani ex Weston with R. canescens auct. non DC (= R. tomentosus Willd. non Borkh.) and of R. creticus Tourn. ex L. with R. sanctus Schreb., which has to be regarded as co-specific with R. ulmifolius Schott. Next to this, the identification of R. polonicus Barr. ex Weston as R. nessensis Hall, and the publications of R. vulgaris Tourn. ex J. de Vries and R. laciniatus (Tourn. ex Weston) Tollard are remarkable. Since the latter is a form of R. ulmifolius a new combination is published: Rubus ulmifolius f. laciniatus (Tourn. ex Weston) A.Beek., comb. nov., stat. nov. Because the series which is presently named Canescentes H.E. Weber turned out to have no correct name, it is published here again as the series Argyrophylli A.Beek, ser. nov.


Tournefort, Argyrophylli, Rosaceae, Rubus, validations

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