Nomenclatural changes and taxonomic notes in the tribe Morindeae (Rubiaceae)


en Adansonia 33 (2) - Pages 283-309

Published on 30 December 2011

A new circumscription and new generic delimitations of the tribe Morindeae in the subfamily Rubioideae (Rubiaceae) have been proposed as a result of two recent molecular phylogenetic studies. The adoption of a narrow circumscription of Morinda and a broad circumscription of Gynochthodes requires new combinations and names in these genera. This study presents descriptions of the newly delimited Gynochthodes and Morinda, and 78 new combinations (73 in the former and five in the latter) and three new names (Gynochthodes alejandroi Razafim. & B.Bremer, G. ridsdalei Razafim. & B.Bremer, and G. wongii Razafim. & B.Bremer). We make three lectotypifications, and recognize 15 species in Appunia, 11 species in Coelospermum, 93 species in Gynochthodes, 39 species in Morinda, and one species in Siphonandrium. Finally, a list of all currently recognized species for each genus of Morindeae is presented.


Rubiaceae, Morindeae, Appunia, Coelospermum, Gynochthodes, Morinda, Siphonandrium, new combinations

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