Nomenclature and typification of names in the endemic genus Pancheria (Cunoniaceae) from New Caledonia

Helen C. Fortune HOPKINS & Jason C. BRADFORD

en Adansonia 31 (1) - Pages 103-135

Published on 26 June 2009

The taxonomic history of Pancheria Brongn. & Gris is described and problems concerning types, including some collected by Montrouzier, Labillardière and Vieillard, are discussed. All names validly published in Pancheria or published under other generic names but referable to Pancheria are reviewed to establish their correct orthography and authorship, and they are lectotypified where necessary. Invalidly published names are dealt with briefly. The names P. humboldtiana Guillaumin ex H.C.Hopkins & J.Bradford, sp. nov., and P. multijuga Guillaumin ex H.C.Hopkins & J.Bradford, sp. nov., are validated by the designation of holotypes. An index lists all names referable to Pancheria and indicates their synonymy. The geographical position of Balansa’s collecting locality Mt Mi is discussed.


Cunoniaceae, Pancheria, New Caledonia, nomenclature, typification

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