Aralia lihengiana J. Wen, L. Deng & X. Shi, a new species of Araliaceae from China

Jun WEN, Lilan DENG & Xiaochun SHI

en Adansonia 24 (2) - Pages 217-220

Published on 27 December 2002

Aralia lihengiana J. Wen, L. Deng & X. Shi is described from southwestern China. It is a member of Aralia sect. Pentapanax (Seem.) J. Wen and an apparent close relative of the Himalayan A. gigantea J. Wen. Both species have sparsely serrate leaflet margins and racemose inflorescence units, but the new taxon is unique in the genus in bearing 3-4 or rarely 5-locular ovaries whereas other species of Aralia mostly have 5-locular ovaries.

Aralia, Aralia lihengiana, Aralia sect. Pentapanax, Araliaceae, China
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