Zoosystema 43 (fasc1)

Published on
01 January 2021

en Revision of the Traumatomutilla gemella species-group (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae) with the description of its hitherto unknown males

Pedro R. BARTHOLOMAY et al.

1-28, Published on 12 January 2021, art. 43 (1) DOI LSID

en Notaferrum n. gen. (Coleoptera: Ptinidae): the first known spider beetle associated with weaver ants

Olivia M. GEARNER & T. Keith PHILIPS

29-36, Published on 19 January 2021, art. 43 (2) DOI LSID

en Distinctive Collembola Communities in the Mesovoid Shallow Substratum: Entomobryomorpha of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park (Central Spain)

Enrique BAQUERO et al.

37-78, Published on 26 January 2021, art. 43 (3) DOI LSID

en Out on a limb: novel morphology and position on appendages of two new genera and three new species of ectoparasitic isopods (Epicaridea: Dajidae) infesting isopod and decapod hosts

Jason D. WILLIAMS & Christopher B. BOYKO

79-100, Published on 16 February 2021, art. 43 (4) DOI LSID

en Two new genera and two new species of troglobitic harvestmen of Stygnopsidae (Opiliones, Laniatores, Gonyleptoidea) from Oaxaca, Mexico, with notes on selected morphological characters


101-112, Published on 23 February 2021, art. 43 (5) DOI LSID

en Groundwater amphipods of the genus Niphargus Schiødte, 1834 in Boyer-Ahmad region (Iran) with description of two new species

Zeinab BARGRIZANEH et al.

127-144, Published on 09 March 2021, art. 43 (7) DOI LSID

en Insights into phylogenetic relationships between Trioxys Haliday, 1833 and Binodoxys Mackauer, 1960 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae), with a description of a new species of the genus Trioxys

Jelisaveta ČKRKIĆ et al.

145-154, Published on 16 March 2021, art. 43 (8) DOI LSID

fr Deux nouveaux Protoancylodiscoides Paperna, 1969 (Monogenea, Ancyrocephalidae) parasites branchiaux de Clarotes laticeps (Rüppell, 1829) (Siluriformes, Claroteidae) en Côte d’Ivoire

Enoutchy Fabrice BOUAH et al.

155-162, Published on 30 March 2021, art. 43 (9) DOI LSID

en A taxonomic review of the mygalomorph spider genus Linothele Karsch, 1879 (Araneae, Dipluridae)

Bastian DROLSHAGEN & Christian M. BÄCKSTAM

163-196, Published on 20 April 2021, art. 43 (10) DOI LSID

en Neotype designation and redescription of Sicus indicus Kröber, 1940 (Diptera: Conopidae)

Amir MAQBOOL et al.

197-203, Published on 27 April 2021, art. 43 (11) DOI LSID

en Variation in Echo Parakeets (Psittacula eques (Boddaert, 1783) [Psittaculidae]) in relation to inter-island differences

Justin J. F. J. JANSEN & Anthony S. CHEKE

205-211, Published on 06 May 2021, art. 43 (12) DOI LSID

en The asteroid species of Lamarck (Echinodermata: Asteroidea)


213-252, Published on 11 May 2021, art. 43 (13) DOI LSID

en A survey of small mammals in the Volta Region of Ghana with comments on zoogeography and conservation

Jan DECHER et al.

253-281, Published on 20 May 2021, art. 43 (14) DOI LSID

en New record of Ectreposebastes niger (Fourmanoir, 1971) (Setarchidae, Scorpaeniformes): a rare bathypelagic fish from La Pérouse Seamount, Western Indian Ocean, and distribution of Ectreposebastes Garman, 1899 in the Indian Ocean

Evgeny V. ROMANOV et al.

283-296, Published on 01 June 2021, art. 43 (15) DOI LSID

en New species of the genera Limentinus Distant, 1917 and Calodia Nielson, 1982 (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae, Coelidiinae) from the Makay Massif of Madagascar, with a key to Malagasy species


297-310, Published on 08 June 2021, art. 43 (16) DOI LSID

en The genus Stenoterommata Holmberg, 1881 (Araneae, Pycnothelidae) in the Cerrado and Atlantic Forest from Southeastern and Central Brazil: description of four new species

Victor Morais GHIROTTO et al.

311-339, Published on 15 June 2021, art. 43 (17) DOI LSID

en Four new scale insect species (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) associated with coffee roots in Colombia, South America, with identification keys for genera Newsteadia Green, 1902, Distichlicoccus Ferris, 1950, and Paraputo Laing, 1929


341-363, Published on 24 June 2021, art. 43 (18) DOI LSID

fr Caractères diagnostiques morpho-anatomiques d’Oxyloma sarsii (Esmark, 1886) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Succineidae) et nouvelles données dans le nord-est de la France (Alsace et Franche-Comté)

Jean-Michel BICHAIN et al.

365-376, Published on 29 June 2021, art. 43 (19) DOI LSID

en The genus Microananteris Lourenço, 2003 in French Guiana (Scorpiones: Buthidae)


377-386, Published on 15 July 2021, art. 43 (20) DOI LSID

en Mammals collected and illustrated by the Baudin Expedition to Australia and Timor (1800-1804): A review of the current taxonomy of specimens in the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle and the illustrations in the Muséum d’Histoire naturelle du Havre

Stephen M. JACKSON et al.

387-548, Published on 22 July 2021, art. 43 (21) DOI LSID

en Terrestrial macro-arthropods of the sub-Antarctic islands of Possession (Crozet Archipelago) and Kerguelen: inventory of native and non-native species

Maurice HULLÉ & Philippe VERNON

549-561, Published on 07 September 2021, art. 43 (22) DOI LSID

en New records of Dryinidae Haliday, 1833 (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea) from Iran

Hossein Ali DERAFSHAN et al.

563-583, Published on 15 September 2021, art. 43 (23) DOI LSID

en New data on the distribution of the two mole species Talpa aquitania Nicolas, Matinez-Vargas & Hugot, 2017 and T. europaea Linnaeus, 1758 in France based on museum and newly collected specimens

Violaine NICOLAS et al.

585-617, Published on 21 September 2021, art. 43 (24) DOI LSID

en The publication date, onomatophore and onymotope of Emoia cyanura (Squamata: Scincidae)

Annemarie OHLER et al.

619-625, Published on 05 October 2021, art. 43 (25) DOI LSID

en Five new species of freshwater crabs of the genera Ghatiana Pati & Sharma, 2014 and Sahyadriana Pati & Thackeray, 2018 from India (Decapoda: Brachyura: Gecarcinucidae)

Sameer K. PATI & Tejas U. THACKERAY

627-647, Published on 12 October 2021, art. 43 (26) DOI LSID

en From fin rays to DNA: supplementary morphological and molecular data to identify Mormyrus subundulatus Roberts, 1989 (Pisces: Mormyridae) from the Bandama River in Côte d’Ivoire

Vincent PRIÉ et al.

649-658, Published on 20 October 2021, art. 43 (27) DOI LSID

en Field inventory reveals high diversity of new species of mountain catfishes, genus Cambeva Katz, Barbosa, Mattos & Costa, 2018 (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae), in south-eastern Serra Geral, southern Brazil

Wilson J. E. M. COSTA et al.

659-690, Published on 28 October 2021, art. 43 (28) DOI LSID

fr Caractérisation acoustique des différentes espèces du genre Phaneroptera Audinet-Serville, 1831 en Europe occidentale, et description d’une nouvelle espèce cryptique en France et en Espagne (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Phaneropterinae)


691-727, Published on 10 November 2021, art. 43 (29) DOI LSID