Eneopterinae crickets (Insecta, Orthoptera, Grylloidea) from Vanuatu


en Zoosystema 31 (3) - Pages 577-618

Published on 30 September 2009

This article is a part of the thematic issue SANTO 2006 Global Biodiversity Survey from sea bottom to ridge crests

The present study deals with the Eneopterinae crickets from Vanuatu, in particular from Espiritu Santo Island. Seven new species are described: Cardiodactylus aobaensis n. sp., C. epiensis n. sp., C. pentecotensis n. sp., C. tankara n. sp., Lebinthus santoensis n. sp., L. nattawa n. sp., L. malekulensis n. sp., and two are redescribed (C. cheesmani Otte, 2007 and C. enkraussi Otte, 2007). Descriptions focus on male and female genitalia, and forewing venation, while data are presented to define fine-scaled habitat, behaviour, and song repertoires.


Insecta, Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Cardiodactylus, Lebinthus, habitat, acoustic communication, Vanuatu, new species.

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