Reassignment and redescription of "Eupagurus" microps Balss, 1911 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Paguridae), with notes on Bathypaguropsis kuroshioensis (Miyake, 1978)


en Zoosystema 25 (4) - Pages 635-642

Published on 26 December 2003

Reexamination of the holotype of "Eupagurus" microps Balss, 1911 has shown that this species actually should be assigned to the genus Bathypaguropsis McLaughlin, 1994. Although initially collected at a depth in excess of 1000 m off Somalia, the bathymetric and geographic distributions of this taxon have been markedly expanded with the discovery of a second specimen in the southwestern Pacific at a depth of less than 500 m. The species is redescribed and illustrated. The geographic and bathymetric ranges of Bathypaguropsis kuroshioensis (Miyake, 1978), the senior synonym of B. mrahayuae McLaughlin, 1997, now have also been increased with the similar discovery of this species in the southwestern Pacific.


Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura, Paguridae, Bathypaguropsis, reassignment, redescription, range extensions.

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