The genus Valettiopsis (Crustacea, Gammaridea, Lysianassoidea) from the southwestern Atlantic, collected by the RV Marion Dufresne

Cristiana S. SEREJO & Yoko WAKABARA

en Zoosystema 25 (2) - Pages 187-196

Published on 27 June 2003

Deep sea samples obtained during the 1987 cruise of the RV Marion Dufresne along the southeastern Brazilian coast provided material of two species of Valettiopsis Holmes, 1908 (Crustacea, Amphipoda). Valettiopsis macrodactyla Chevreux,1909 is redescribed and has its distribution extended to the south-western Atlantic. Valettiopsis ruffoi n.sp.is described and can be distinguished from other Valettiopsis species by the slender gnathopods 1 and 2, coxa 4 deeply excavate posteriorly, and outer ramus of uropod 3 with distal article about 1/13 of proximal article. Notes on the geographical distribution of the genus and a key for the Valettiopsis species are provided.


Crustacea, Amphipoda, Lysianassoidea, Valettiopsis, Brazil, southwestern Atlantic, new species.

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