Cranoglanis henrici (Vaillant, 1893), a valid species of cranoglanidid catfish from Indochina (Teleostei, Cranoglanididae)

Heok Hee NG & Maurice KOTTELAT

en Zoosystema 22 (4) - Pages 847-852

Published on 29 December 2000

Anopleutropius henrici Vaillant, 1893 is a valid species of Cranoglanis that differs from C. bouderius (with C. sinensis and Macrones sinensis as junior synonyms) in having a broader humeral process, a longer anal fin (30.2-35.0% SL vs. 27.6-30.0) with more branched fin rays (34-39 vs. 28-32) and more vertebrae (46-47 vs. 41-44), and from C. multiradiatus in having a narrower snout (snout width 34.5-36.4% HL vs. 30.8) and more widely-set eyes (interorbital distance 47.0-55.0% HL vs. 41.9-42.4). Cranoglanis henrici is known only from the Red River drainage in northern Vietnam and southern China. The identity of the other nominal species of Cranoglanis is discussed and a neotype is designated for both Bagrus bouderius and Macrones sinensis.


Cranoglanis, Anopleutropius, Vietnam, neotype.

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