Taxonomy of the South Pacific brisingidan Brisingaster robillardi (Asteroidea) with new ontogenetic and phylogenetic information

Christopher L. MAH

en Zoosystema 21 (3) - Pages 535-546

Published on 28 September 1999

New material of Brisingaster robillardi de Loriol 1883, including juveniles, allows a more complete description of the species. Papulae, obscured in the holotype and previously unknown for this taxon, are present. Abactinal plate arrangements provide new autapomorphies for the genus Brisingaster. Scanning electronic microscope photographs of pedicellariae are desdribed and compared with those of Novodinia antillensis. The range of B. robillardi is extended to New Caledonia, Western Australia and Amami-o-shima, Japan. Morphological variation is present between material from the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Novodinia helenae Rowe, 1989 is synonymized with B. robillardi. New phylogenetic evidence also supports a new family, the Brisingasteridae, which tentatively includes Brisingaster and Novodinia.


Brisingida, Brisingasteridae, Brisingaster, Novodinia, pedicellariae, ontogeny, phylogeny, taxonomy, New Caledonia.

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