New Pisaniinae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Buccinidae) from New Caledonia, with remarks on Cantharus and related genera

Geerat J. VERMEIJ & Philippe BOUCHET

en Zoosystema 20 (3) - Pages 471-485

Published on 27 October 1998

The genera Cantharus Röding,1798, Pollia Gray in Sowerby, 1834, and Cancellopollia n.g. (type species: C. gracilis n.sp.), are pisaniine buccinids having a small tooth (labral spine) at the edge of the crenulated outer lip. As defined and restricted here, these genera have a mainly Indo-West Pacific distribution. Cantharus septemcostatus n.sp., Pollia pellita n.sp., Cancellopollia gracilis n. sp., and C. ustulata n.sp., are reported from deep water in the New Caledonia region, and Cantharus leucotaeniatus Kosuge, 1985 and Pollia vicdani (Kosuge, 1984) n.comb. are reported from Vanuatu. Despite a narrow bathymetric (415-560 m) and horizontal (northernmost Norfolk Ridge) distribution, Cancellopollia gracilis exhibits remarkable variation, with highly localised morphs.


New Caledonia, bathyal, seamount, Buccinidae, new taxa.

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