Révision de la liste des Stratiomyidés (Diptera) de France avec une clé d’identification des genres présents en Europe

Thomas LEBARD & Jocelyn CLAUDE

fr Naturae 2024 (9) - Pages 179-209

Published on 28 May 2024

Revision of the list of Stratiomyids (Diptera) of France with an identification key to the genera present in Europe.

Among the 144 species of Stratiomyidae recorded in Europe, a bibliographic synthesis allows us to list 89 species in France (mainland and Corsica). A european key to genera is provided (in French and English) for which 52 unpublished drawings have been produced by the first author. Twelve species belonging to monospecific genera can thus be identified. For the determination of the other species, indications on the most relevant literature are given.


Diptera, Stratiomyidae, Europe, French fauna, checklist, genus key

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