Suivis acoustiques de biodiversité : perspectives et défis en milieu continental terrestre

Hélène LE BORGNE & Christophe BOUGET

fr Naturae 2023 (8) - Pages 129-150

Published on 29 November 2023

Acoustic biodiversity monitoring: perspectives and challenges in continental terrestrial environments.

Animals produce sounds during their activities or to perform various biological functions such as defending territories, attracting mates or deterring predators. By recording these acoustic data, scientists obtain essential information on the presence of species. New technologies for species identification are more affordable, efficient and versatile than conventional methods and can thus meet the urgent need to document biodiversity in the current environmental crisis. Automated acoustic recorders are increasingly used in biodiversity monitoring to address the limitations of more traditional methods, and the emergence of ethical considerations advocating the development of non-destructive (i.e. non-lethal) traps. We present here the data acquisition tools in continental terrestrial environments, the data management and analysis methods for automatic species classification and the study of soundscapes, and the advantages and limitations of using these tools for biodiversity monitoring in terrestrial environments.

Biodiversity, sounds, automatic identification,  machine learning, acoustic.
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