Vertigo moulinsiana (Dupuy, 1849) et Vertigo angustior Jeffreys, 1830 en Sarthe : bilan de deux années d’étude

Rémi GERBER, Franck NOËL & Romain MARIOT

fr Naturae 2021 (4) - Pages 49-55

Published on 09 February 2021

This article is a part of the thematic issue Colloque national de malacologie continentale, Nantes, 6 et 7 décembre 2018

Vertigo moulinsiana (Dupuy, 1849) and Vertigo angustior Jeffreys, 1830 in Sarthe: two years study assessment.

A three-year study, from 2017 to 2019, was conducted in Sarthe by the CPIE Vallées de la Sarthe et du Loir on the family Vertiginidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) and specifically on Vertigo moulinsiana (Dupuy, 1849) and Vertigo angustior Jeffreys, 1830. The aims of this study are to improve knowledge of their distribution and ecology and to raise awareness among local actors as naturalists and managers.The selection of sites to be prospected is carried out in two stages. First, the choice of a study area, catchment basin or Natura 2000 site. Then the choice of stations to be prospected, based on existing maps or by photo-interpretation. In the end, 524 stations were prospected in two years. Forty-nine stations contain V. moulinsiana, seven for V. angustior and nine contain both species. Their distribution is very heterogeneous across the department. Les Cartes valley welcome the vast majority of the V. angustior population and many of the V. moulinsiana, both species can be found within the same site. V. moulinsiana is occasionally found in other catchment basins such as those of the Fare and Tripoulin.

Vertigo moulinsiana, Vertigo angustior, wetlands, 
ecology, distribution.
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