Inventaire des lichens corticoles dans trois sites parisiens et dans l’arboretum de Chèvreloup (Yvelines)

Élise LEBRETON, Simon RIVART, Sébastien LEBLOND & Caroline MEYER

fr Naturae 2021 (23) - Pages 321-332

Published on 03 November 2021

Inventory of corticolous lichens in three Parisian sites and in the arboretum of Chèvreloup (Yvelines).

This article presents the results of the inventories that were carried out within the programme 
LiPaChE (Lichens du bassin Parisien Changement Environnement). Three Parisian stations, (jardin des Plantes, jardin du Luxembourg and the banks of the Seine river) and the Chèvreloup arboretum in the Yvelines were visited. These inventories were conducted on tree avenues, belonging to eight tree species common to the parks. The trees were sampled around the trunk, from the base to 2 m high with two protocols. The results of this study concern 61 lichens species (43 species in Paris and 43 species in the Yvelines station). Three species are new for Paris: Flavoparmelia soredians (Nyl.) Hale, Lecanora compallens van Herk & Aptroot and Rinodina gennarii Bagl., and five species constitute first departmental records: Caloplaca arnoldii (Wedd.) Zahlbr. ex Ginzb., Caloplaca flavocitrina (Nyl.) H. Olivier, Endocarpon adscendens (Anzi) Müll. Arg., Lecanora leptyrodes (Nyl.) Degel. and Xanthomendoza huculica (S.Y.Kondr) Diederich. A rare species, Toninia populorum (A. Massal.) Kistenich, Timdal, Bendiksby & S. Ekman and common species Caloplaca cerinella (Nyl.) Flagey, Myriolecis crenulata (Hook.) Śliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch were reported a century after they were last mentioned in Paris. The influence of environmental parameters on lichens is discussed, in particular the presence of saxicolous lichens on trees in dusty areas of parks.

Lichens, urban environment, dust, Paris, Yvelines. 
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