Distribution de Peltis grossa (Linnaeus, 1758) en France (Coleoptera, Trogossitidae)

Lionel VALLADARES, Nicolas GOUIX, Cyrille VAN-MEER, Benjamin CALMONT & Hervé BRUSTEL

fr Naturae 2017 (4) - Pages 1-9

Published on 08 March 2017

Distribution of Peltis grossa (Linnaeus, 1758) in France (Coleoptera, Trogossitidae).

Peltis grossa (Linnaeus, 1758) is a rare species whose distribution is poorly known. Based on a compilation of data from the literature or private collections together with recent unpublished data (18 new localities). This species is present in 12 French department, but fresh data are known in only seven of them. This article aims at reviewing and discussing the distribution of this species in France.

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