Indoporus shoreae gen. et sp. nov. (Boletaceae) from tropical India

Arvind PARIHAR, Manoj E. HEMBROM, Alfredo VIZZINI & Kanad DAS

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 39 (4) - Pages 447-466

Published on 28 December 2018

Tropical dry deciduous Shorea dominated forests in Jharkhand (India) harbour diverse groups of ectomycorrhizal macrofungi, including boletes. Repeated macrofungal explorations in different parts of this state followed by thorough investigation of collected samples uncovered a novel genus in the family Boletaceae subfamily Boletoideae. This genus is proposed here as Indoporus to include I. shoreae, a novel species. Detailed morphological description, a comparison table with closely allied genera, a distributional map, supporting illustrations and phylogenetic estimations based on nrITS sequence data and a combined analysis of nrLSU (28S) and rpb2 sequence data are provided.


Boletales, nrITS, nrLSU, phylogenetic inferences, rpb2, taxonomy

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