Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 71-80

Xiang-Hua WANG

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 39 (4) - Pages 419-445

Published on 28 December 2018

In this new series of Fungal Biodiversity Profiles, the author describes ten basidiomycetes, all new species of Lactarius subg. Russularia from China, using both morphological and ITS sequence data. Descriptions are provided for L. albidigalus, L. asiaeorientalis, L. conglutinatus, L. fulvihirtipes, L. marasmioides, L. neglectus, L. qinlingensis, L. subatlanticus, L. subgracilis and L. tuberculatus.


Russulales, ITS, Lactarius, phylogeny, southern China, subg. Russularia, taxonomy

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