Two novel and a forgotten Russula species in sect. Ingratae (Russulales) from Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve in southern China

Yu SONG, Bart BUYCK, Jingwei LI, Fa YUAN, Ziwei ZHANG & Lihong QIU

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 39 (3) - Pages 341-357

Published on 28 September 2018

Two novel species of Russula section Ingratae, collected in the Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve, southern China, are described and illustrated based on both morphology and phylogenetic analyses of rDNAITS sequences. Russula gelatinosa sp. nov. is characterized by the gelatinized pileus with tuberculate striate margin, irregularly forked and inter-veined lamellae, winged basidiospores (ornamentations up to 3.5 μm), a suprapellis entirely composed of short erect chains of inflated terminal elements, and abundant gloeocystidia (hymenial cystidia and dermatocystidia) changing to reddish brown in SV. Russula rufobasalis sp. nov. is mainly recognized by the reddish stipe base, inter-veined lamellae and frequent lamellulae, cystidia blackened in SV, thick pileipellis with slender, but often thick-walled terminal elements, stipe trama with scattered cystidioid hyphae becoming blackish brown in SV. The differences and similarities with related species are discussed. Russula punctipes is redescribed here for the first time since it was originally published nearly a century ago, on the basis of new collections from the same area. Our analyses placed it sister to the Japanese R. senecis.

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