Solicorynespora species associated with dead branches of subtropical forests in southern China

Jian MA, Ji-Wen XIA, Xiu Guo ZHANG, You-Qiang LUO & Rafael F. CASTAÑEDA-RUÍZ

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 37 (1) - Pages 37-44

Published on 25 March 2016

Four anamorphic fungal species of Solicorynespora are described and illustrated from specimens collected on dead branches of unidentified plants in southern China. Solicorynespora guangdongensis sp. nov. differs from other species by obclavate, 8-13-euseptate, usually 1-distoseptate below, 105-182×14.5-20 μm, smooth conidia with 1-7 mucous tunica on the rostrum. Solicorynespora Jiangxiensis sp. nov. is easily distinguished by obclavate, upper cells becoming cylindrical, (62-)108-220×11-13 μm, smooth conidia with 9-23-euseptate. Solicorynespora biseptata and S. insolita are recorded for the first time from China.

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