Microfungi from Nicaragua in a historical collection kept at the herbarium of the charles university in Prague

Gregorio DELGADO & Ondřej KOUKOL

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 37 (1) - Pages 15-36

Published on 25 March 2016

A set of historical specimens collected by the American mycologist Charles Leonard Smith in southeastern Nicaragua during 1896 and currently deposited at the Herbarium of the Charles University in Prague (PRC) was examined for the presence of microfungi. Despite the age of the specimens, twenty-two taxa were identified, seventeen of them to species level and other five to generic level. All of them are recorded for the first time from Nicaragua. Cryptophiale cf. kakombensis and Sporoschisma juvenile were found associated with their putative teleomorphic states. Historical facts surrounding the expedition source of these samples and bibliographical data about Smith are also given.

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