Pluteus section Hispidoderma in Brazil with new records based on morphological and molecular data

Nelson MENOLLI Jr., Alfredo JUSTO & Marina CAPELARI

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 36 (3) - Pages 331-354

Published on 25 September 2015

A revision of Pluteus section Hispidoderma occurring in Brazil is presented showing the occurrence of eight species considered certainly known in the country: P. fibrillosus, P. chusqueae, P. longistriatus, P. maculosipes, P. neochrysaegis, P. rimosellus, P. varzeicola and P. velutinus. Molecular analyses using ITS sequences showed the phylogenetic position of P. cf. fernandezianus, P. fibrillosus, P. longistriatus and P. velutinus. Pluteus fibrillosus, P. maculosipes and P. velutinus represent new records from Brazil. A type revision of P. varzeicola is also presented.

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