Cantharellus hygrophorus, a new species in subgenus Afrocantharellus from tropical southwestern China

Shi-Cheng SHAO, Bart BUYCK, Valérie HOFSTETTER, Xiao-Fei TIAN, Yan-Hong GENG, Fu-Qiang YU & Pei-Gui LIU

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 35 (3) - Pages 283-291

Published on 26 September 2014

Cantharellus hygrophorus is described and illustrated from tropical Yunnan, China. It is characterized by its medium to large, fleshy fruitbodies, the deep orange-red color of pileus and part of the stipe, the yellow-orange hymenophore composed of well-developed gill folds, a pileipellis of suberect hyphal extremities and absence of clamps. These characters place it in Cantharellus subg. Afrocantharellus sect. Cutirellus as a look-alike of the tropical African C. splendens. Both morphological features as well as a phylogenetic analysis of nLSU sequences argue strongly against the recognition of Afrocantharellus as a separate genus, which is here considered a later synonym of Cantharellus.

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