Two new species of Passalora and Periconiella (cercosporoid hyphomycetes) from Panama


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 35 (2) - Pages 151-156

Published on 27 June 2014

New species of Passalora on Aphelandra scabra (Acanthaceae) and of Periconiella on Persea americana (Lauraceae) are described from tropical lowland vegetation in Panama. The new Passalora species differs from congeneric species on members of Acanthaceae by its external hyphae giving rise to conidiophores. The new Periconiella species can be distinguished from other species of the genus by its conidiogenous cells being conspicuously oriented outwards from the conidiophore head and by its sizes being intermediate between those of P. machilicola on the one hand and of P. longispora and P. rapaneae on the other.

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