The phylogenetic placement of Eriosporella bambusicola sp. nov. in Capnodiales

Dong-Qin DAI, Nalin N. WIJAYAWARDENE, Darbhe Jayarama BHAT, Ekachai CHUKEATIROTE, Rui-Lin ZHAO, Yong WANG, Ali H. A. BAHKALI & Kevin D. HYDE

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 35 (1) - Pages 41-49

Published on 28 March 2014

A new species of Eriosporella, E. bambusicola, is described from bamboo in Northern Thailand. Eriosporella is monotypic genus of coelomycetous fungi known from palms and bamboo and characterized by hyaline conidia which have a short basal cell and three slender divergent apical arms. Maximum-likelihood and maximum parsimony analyses of combined LSU and SSU rDNA sequence data set show E. bambusicola to belong to the Capnodiales where it forms a cluster with Pseudoramichloridium. Its relationships with other genera are unresolved and therefore considered as Capnodiales incertae sedis. The tree needs to be better populated with sequence data from more related species to clarify the familial placement of this genus.

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