Agarics of alders 2 - Three new species of Alnicola (Agaricales, Hymenogastraceae) with a key to species associated with Alnus alnobetula in Europe

Pierre-Arthur MOREAU, Juliette ROCHET, Stéphane WELTI, Ursula PEINTNER, Sophie MANZI, Régis COURTECUISSE & Monique GARDES

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 34 (2) - Pages 149-173

Published on 28 June 2013

The genus Alnicola (Hymenogastraceae) contains a majority of host-specific ectomycorrhizal species, associated with various species of alders (Alnus spp.). Three species associated specifically with Alnus alnobetula are described as new and illustrated: Alnicola badiofusca P.-A. Moreau sp. nov., A. pallidifolia P.-A. Moreau & Peintner sp. nov., and A. spectabilis P.-A. Moreau & Peintner sp. nov., and a key is provided for Alnicola species associated with A. alnobetula in the Alps and Corsica.

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