Notes on some pannariaceous lichens from New Caledonia


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 33 (1) - Pages 03-09

Published on 30 March 2012

Two new species in the lichen family Pannariaceae have been discovered in collections from New Caledonia: Kroswia polydactyla and Pannaria flabellata. They are described. P. flabellata clearly belongs in a small group of species confined to the primeval tropical forests of SE Asia and East Africa. These species appear to be part of an old palaeotropic element to which also Pannaria reflectens (Nyl.) P.M.Jørg, Pannaria ramosii Vain. as well as Parmeliella polyphyllina P.M.Jørg. may belong - the first of which has been rediscovered in the island from where it was described, the latter two are new records. The Pacific Pannaria exasperata H.Magn. is also recorded as new.

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