Phlebia pyrenaica sp. nov., une nouvelle espèce méditerranéenne

Bernard DUHEM

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 30 (4) - Pages 319-328

Published on 25 December 2009

A new species, P. pyrenaica Duhem nov. sp., is described and illustrated, from the Mediterranean country in France. Furthermore, two new combinations are introduced : Phlebia cunninghamiana Duhem nom. nov. for Odontia lutea G. Cunn. 1959 (nec Phlebia lutea (Jülich) Sheng H. Wu, 1990) and Phlebia columellifera (G. Cunn. 1959) Duhem comb. nov. Further, illustrations and some additional information about these type specimens are appended to this paper.

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