Dictyosporium zhejiangense sp. nov., a new freshwater anamorphic fungus from China

Mongkol WONGSAWAS, Hong-Kai WANG, Kevin D. HYDE & Fu-Cheng LIN

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 30 (4) - Pages 355-362

Published on 25 December 2009

During a study freshwater fungi on submerged wood in Zhejiang Province, China. New dictyosporous hyphomycete was collected. Dictyosporium zhejiangense sp. nov. is distinct in the genus in having complanate conidia with 5 rows of cells, with each apical cell of the outer rows provided with 1-3 appendages. Phylogenetic relationships of the new fungus with some Dictyosporium species are revealed based on ITS1-5.8s-ITS2 rDNA sequence data. Dictyosporium zhejiangense formed a clade together with Dictyosporium species which have flattened conidia bearing appendages. This new taxon is described, illustrated, compared with similar species and the phylogenetic relationships within the genus Dictyosporium are also discussed.

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