Wood-rotting fungi in eastern China 4. Polypores from Dagang Mountains, Jiangxi Province

Bing WANG, Yu-Cheng DAI, Bao Kai CUI, Ping DU & Hai Jiao LI

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 30 (3) - Pages 233-241

Published on 25 September 2009

Antrodiella perennis is described as new from the Dagang Mountains, in the Jiangxi Province, eastern China. The species is characterized by resupinate, perennial, and fragile basidiocarps, an orange buff pore surface, and ellipsoid basidiospores. It is compared to A. gypsea, A. liebmannii, and A. thujae. Additionally, 86 species belonging to 46 genera of polypores are reported from the area.

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