Freshwater lichens in a small riparian Nature Reserve of Northern Italy: species richness and conservation issues


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 28 (4) - Pages 339-342

Published on 28 December 2007

In Italy several natural reserves include riparian habitats, whose role in lichen conservation is still unknown. This work aims at improving floristics on freshwater lichens of Italy, and at evaluating the importance for freshwater lichen conservation of a small riparian nature reserve in NE-Italy surrounded by a highly disturbed landscape. A floristic survey on freshwater habitats was carried out in the nature reserve Vincheto di Celarda, according to the general aims of the biodiversity monitoring and restoration program of a LIFE-Natura project coordinated by the National Forestry Service. Lichens were collected in four sites, three perennially submerged and one only periodically submerged. Six species were found: one is new to Italy, and two are new to Veneto confirming that freshwater habitats are still poorly known in Italy, and further research is required. Despite the highly disturbed surrounding landscape, the freshwater lichen flora is relatively rich in species, suggesting that local habitat quality is effective for freshwater lichen conservation.

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