Notes on polypores from Gansu and Qinghai Province, Northwest China

Yu-Cheng DAI, Bao-Kai CUI & Hai Sheng YUAN

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 28 (3) - Pages 177-187

Published on 28 September 2007

Antrodiella thujae is described and illustrated from Qinghai Province, Northwest China. The new species is characterized by a perennial habit, allantoid basidiospores, fusoid cystidioles, and growing on Thuja przewalskii. Antrodia hippophaës is newly recorded from China. Ninety-nine additional species of poroid wood-inhabiting fungi were also identified in 5 forested areas of Gansu and Qinghai Provinces. A checklist of the polypores is provided, and the host of each species is listed.

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