Deux espèces nouvelles de Dendrothele

Bernard DUHEM & Henri MICHEL

fr Cryptogamie, Mycologie 28 (1) - Pages 39-54

Published on 30 March 2007

Two new species of the genus Dendrothele

Dendrothele jacobi Duhem & H. Michel sp. nov., a species with gibbose spores having 3-4(5) conical protuberances is described from Texas and Oklahoma It is reminiscent of D. asterospora from Africa but is separated by its larger spores and lobes. Dendrothele minima Duhem sp. nov., a species closely related to D. commixta is described from France on Robinia pseudo-accacia, a tree imported from North America, and on Diospyros kaki and Taxus baccata. Dendrothele asterospora is considered a synonymy of Xenosperma murrillii.

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