Pyrenocarpous lichens from Tanzania and Kenya


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 26 (3) - Pages 265-271

Published on 30 September 2005

The corticolous and saxicolous pyrenocarpous crustose lichen species from Kenya and Tanzania were investigated. In total, 32 species could be identified, most of which are new to the respective countries. Some of these were not yet reported from tropical Africa, but so far only known from e.g. the Canary Isles. The following 12 species are apparently reported for the first time from Africa: Anisomeridium terminatum, Mycomicrothelia confusa, Polymeridium contendens, Porina mastoidiza, P. subinterstes, P. tetralocularis, Pyrenula acutalis, P. dermatodes, P. laetior, P. pyrenuloides, P. quassiaecola, and Verrucaria praetermissa. Thelenella modesta is reported for the first time from the Southern Hemisphere.

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