Chalara indica sp nov. and Sorocybe indicus sp. nov. from India

S. J. PRATIBHA, GAWAS PUJA, B. D. SHENOY, Kevin D. HYDE & Darbhe Jayarama BHAT

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 26 (2) - Pages 97-103

Published on 24 June 2005

Two new hyphomycetes, Chalara indica and Sorocybe indicus, collected from the forests of Western Ghats in Goa, India, are illustrated and described in this paper. Chalara indica sp. nov., based on a fungus isolated from fresh leaves of Areca catechu (Arecaceae), is characterized by fasciculate, mononematous conidiophores with percurrently regenerating phialidic condiogenous cells and cylindrical conidia which are rounded at the tip and truncate at the base. Sorocybe indicus sp. nov., characterized by white, terminally olivaceous to median brown synnemata and hyaline, fusiform conidia developing in branched, acropetal chains on holoblastic conidiogenous cells, was isolated from hanging, dead twigs of Anacardium occidentale (Anacardiaceae).

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