Notes on two subantarctic pannariaceous lichens


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 26 (1) - Pages 37-43

Published on 25 March 2005

It is shown by use of a newly discovered, old photo of the missing type that Siphulina orphnina (Hue) C. W. Dodge is identical with Pannaria caespitosa P. M. Jørg. The new combination Pannaria orphnina (Hue) P. M. Jørg. is made, and the name neotypified. Parmeliella austroshetlandica Søchting & Øvstedal is shown to be a species in the small subantarctic genus Peltularia R. Sant. (Coccocarpiaceae), and is transferred to that genus.


Pannariaceae, Antarctica, Siphulina, Pannaria, Pannaria caespitosa, P. orphnina, Parmeliella austroshetlandica, Peltularia austroshetlandica

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