Some Coniophoraceae (Basidiomycetes, Boletales) from the Ethiopian highlands: Coniophora bimacrospora, sp. nov. and a note on the phylogenetic relationships of Serpula similis and Gyrodontium

François-Xavier CARLIER, Adane BITEW, Gabriel CASTILLO & Cony DECOCK

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 25 (3) - Pages 261-275

Published on 24 September 2004

Coniophora bimacrospora, sp. nov. is described from the Ethiopian highlands. The taxon is mainly characterized by an olive green hymenial surface, bi-spored basidia, and large, averaging 20 × 15 μm, ellipsoid to broadly ovoid, brownish, cyanophilous, and dextrinoid basidiospores. It is compared to some other Coniophora reported from Africa. Coniophora puteana, C. olivacea, Serpula similis, and Gyrodontium sacchari are also reported from the Ethiopian highlands. The phylogenetic relationships between S. similis, G. sacchari, and other Coniophoraceae are briefly discussed.

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