Novel fungal taxa from the arid Middle East (1940-2000) : omissions from previous notes


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 25 (2) - Pages 149-171

Published on 24 June 2005

Succeeding two compilations respectively of novel soil-borne fungal taxa and of novel taxa from habitats other than soil, 54 additional novel taxa similarly originating from the arid Middle East and introduced since World War II are here documented. 41 genera are represented. They concern 27 Ascomycetes (including ten lichenized and one lichenicolous forms), 17 anamorphic fungi, 7 Basidiomycetes, 2 Myxomycetes and one Oomycete. The nomenclatural status of each novel taxa is clearly defined. Changes in taxonomic positions are also reported whenever these could be located following present-day knowledge or established from published notes. Some annotations of morphological or of ecological nature are also indicated. A lectotype is designated for Gymnascella marismortuis.The note also considers some recently published taxonomic decisions but relating to few previously treated taxa.This third contribution is expected to refine the mycological history of the fungal population of this arid region.

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