Volatile flavor constituents of Lepista nebularis (Clouded Clitocybe)

Sylvie RAPIOR, Françoise FONS & Jean-Marie BESSIERE

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 24 (2) - Pages 159-166

Published on 27 June 2003

Odorous wild Lepista nebularis (Clouded Clitocybe) was investigated for volatile constituents by GC/MS using organic solvent extraction and hydrodistillation. Forty-nine and 28 volatile components were identified by solvent and distillation methods, respectively, and biosynthesized from the lipidic, shikimic and terpenic pathways.The major odorous compounds identified in fresh L. nebularis organic extract and distillate were 2-phenylethanol (34.6 and 46.5%), benzaldehyde (4.2 and 9.2%), β-barbatene (8.7 and 4.5%), undecane (4.6 and 2.7%), indole (4.3 and 2.1%) and C-8 derivatives (6.3 and 5.9%), respectively. Monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, i.e., linalool, linalool oxides, and (E)-nerolidol were also identified in both extracts. β-Barbatene (musty-earthy odor) and indole derivatives (fecal odor) possessed unpleasant odors. C8-Derivatives (fungal odors) and butyric acid derivatives (cheese odor) as well as 2-phenylethanol (rose odor) and benzaldehyde (almond odor) are widely used as aroma components in flavor industry due to their strong odors. Many major and minor volatile compounds contribute to the overall smell of Lepista nebularis.

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