Type studies of resupinate hydnaceous Hymenomycetes described by Patouillard


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 24 (2) - Pages 131-145

Published on 27 June 2003

Type specimens of fourteen resupinate or pileate, hydnaceous (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) species described by Patouillard were studied. The species are from Ecuador, Guadeloupe, Java, Madagascar, Tunisia, Venezuela, and Vietnam. New combinations Beenakia hololeuca (Pat.) Nakasone, Hyphodontia ochroflava (Pat.) Nakasone, Phlebia citrea (Pat.) Nakasone, Scopulodontia latemarginata (Pat.) Nakasone, and Scopulodies subgelationsa (Pat.) Nakasone are proposed. In addition, the new combination Phlebia subceracea (Wakef.) Nakasone is proposed for a taxon from Australia that is similar to P. citrea.

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