New record of Metaxytherium (Mammalia, Sirenia) from the lower Miocene of Manosque (Provence, France)

Silvia SORBI

en Geodiversitas 30 (2) - Pages 433-444

Published on 27 June 2008

A new specimen of Metaxytherium (Mammalia, Sirenia) consisting of a skull with associated thoracic vertebrae and ribs from the lower Miocene “Molasse calcaire et sablo-marneuse Formation” of Manosque (Provence, France) is described. The specimen is referred to Metaxytherium cf. krahuletzi on the basis of geological age, but its anatomical characters, size and proportions are also consistent with Metaxytherium medium.The difficulty of separating these two species is confirmed. The species of the genus Metaxytherium show morphological stasis over a period of more than 10 million years. This new specimen, however, provides new information about the continuity of the Miocene Old World Metaxytherium record.


Mammalia, Sirenia, Metaxytherium, Miocene, Mediterranean domain, France

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